The Sh*t Talker: Floyd Mayweather talks more than a little trash. On the surface you may think of it as arrogance, boasting, or bragging. I would argue that he is playing a mental game with the media, the fans and more importantly his opponent. Haters think of Floyd Maywether as a jack-ass and the media and opponents’ skin crawls because of Maywether’s verbal assaults.
Trash talking has always and will continue to be a part of athletics. I’m not suggesting “Talking Trash” improves your game. However, those who do it best, work just as hard outside of the arena, and are top competitors in their sport.  Floyd “Money” Mayweather convinces people he’s all talk, and they buy it. Meanwhile, he’s out-working, out-training and out-boxing the entire industry.

  1. A Andrews says:

    I recently saw a movie about a kid who wanted to wrestle. He only weighed 135 lbs. but his coach/ brother told him he had to win the psychological competition. Coach told him to weight in naked. The confidence that move demonstrated shook the competition. I think that’s what you’re talking about here. The “psych” if you will has significant impact on the opposition.
    Mohammed Ali was the consummate trash talker. Take a look at old recordings. He moved a nation with his smooth almost “rap” style. ” swing like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Ropeadope coined by him… Impressive!

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