Grit: a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone. / fortitude & determination/ Clench together.

Posted: January 12, 2014 in 5th Down, F.A.I.L (Fall. And. Immediately. Learn.)
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There are many verbs, nouns and definition to describe great teams, players, and organizations. “Grit” a rarely used word to describe the characteristic of champions. Is it because we think of Al Green and his infamous hot “grits” incident.  Could it be the sound of the actual word (Grit). It lacks the flare in which we associate our favorite teams, athletes, and champions.  i would also argue people see “Grit” as hard work.  Yet, we don’t associate grit as a key component in success, but we acknowledge hard work.  We like to see champions and success as gifted individuals or so talented that they can dominate anybody of average standard. Grit isn’t sexy, it also isn’t easily nurtured; however its easy to identify.
I like to think a person with “grit” can fail and continue to give the same if not a greater effort until the objective is complete. As talented is Michael Jordan was winning 7 championships, it also took him 7 years to win his first championship.
The epic football movie Rudy, played by (Sean Austin), captured the true meaning of “grit”. In this particular moment during the movie, Rudy is trying out for the great Notre Dame football team. He is much smaller and weaker the many if not all of the players on the team. He was constantly knocked down, but never knocked out. He always got up, and because of his “grit” he’s become iconic in the world of Notre Dame. (Click to Watch).

Having “grit” may be the driving force behind the success of our favorite athletes, teams and organizations. Without “grit” how can you handle failure. I want to be clear “grit” is a component of success, talent is always wanted and needed.  But to have talent and grit, that’s a combination and blueprint for superstar status.  Talent alone is just potential, but with grit potential is endless.

  1. I like how you described “grit” and this can be applicable to any life-coaching too. Way to go!

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