Hand Offs & Ball Security

Posted: January 14, 2014 in 5th Down
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Accepting The Ball
Place the far hand(away from the QB) just above belt buckle, palm up with elbow bent at 90 degree from hip.  With near hand(To the QB) at front shoulder with thumb down, forcing the elbow to stay high. Make sure you keep your eyes on your aiming point. Let QB give you football. Squeeze tight with both hands once ball is place in stomach.
Secure The Ball
•As running backs nothing is more important than the football.  If you can’t hold on to it, you can’t play here.
•We will utilize 4 points of security.
•Ball should be held using the “CLAW” technique.  The point of the football will be in between the pointer and middle finger.
•Meat of the football on your forearm.
•Opposite point of the football in bicep.
•Opposite meat of football pressed against the chest plate.
•5 points of security, place the off hand over football in traffic.
Hold The Power Points
•Make all cuts TIGHT TO COLOR!!!!!
•One on One: Put yourself and the defender in a phone booth. Square the defender up, using your best move.  Like a performing a crossover in basketball eat up the ground between defender before executing your move.
•Tackler With Angle: Cut back and out run him to the outside!
•Hash, Numbers, Sideline: Used in all perimeter running situations. RB will attack the hash 1st then break toward the number, then up-field before out and running up the sideline. Allows you to set up blocks and maximize yards gained.
•Sideline: Dip inside shoulder, ball in outside arm, rip through the defender. Drive your head up through contact.
•Short  Yardage: Run north with low pads, leg drive, and great ball security. Don’t let yourself be denied!!!
•Blast: When being tackled by two defenders, split through the middle, hitting on the rise and shoot up, 5 point ball security.

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