The common goal that creates a team is “success”.  Every individual on the team wants to be successful.  We must create a environment  where each individual on the team can see themselves successful.  Through hard work, disciplined, and a competitive attitude, we will be giving the opportunity to capture success.  Together. Everyone, Achieves. More ( T.E.A.M) We must understand that individual success is inevitable if we play as a TEAM.
Success can be measured with wins and loses; however, it can also be measured by giving our best and maximizing our ability. The reality of wins and loses we can’t control, yet we can control if we our maximizing our ability. If we accomplish that goal every game, we’ll have a greater chance of winning.
Through graduation a football team changes every year. Just as the personality and Identity of team changes.  However, it’s the job of the head coach to coach the emotions of the team allowing they’re personalities to become the identity of the team.
The success of the football team must be protected by each other.  Every individual must protect the team.  Protecting the team has to be a conscious decision and covenant that you’ll honor the success by continuing giving great effort.
Protect the team (PTT) should be a standard in which everyone thinks about when in interviews, social settings, of course the game field.
Protect The Team
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