Recruiting is the life line of every college program & business.  It’s vital that we recruit great players/employees as well as great young people.  There is no clear formula to project a player’s/employee’s value or success; however, do your best to create a formula that fits your team and your vision of success.
Through the recruiting process parents and recruits expect us to be honest and forth coming with our intentions.  We understand that this is a big decision for a family;therefore, we want to give recruits and their families an experience of honesty and humility which are some of the core building blocks of our program.
a note to the families…
Our staff will encompass a high level of professionalism, and focus on your family’s best interest.  Case in point: Prospect A may have opportunities to go to Colleges X, Y, & Z.  We will only discuss what our college offers and how you can be successful at our institution.  We will not down play or bad mouth any other Colleges / Universities.  Recruiting through negativity is not commendable or honorable.  We don’t recruit like a insurance company, we recruit like a family.
Sending your child off to college is every parent’s dream.  We want you to know that you’re leaving your child with extended family.  From the time a coach sits in your living room and eats at your dinner table he’s become a extended member of you family.  That’s the most endearing moment a family can share with a coach, and we appreciate and understand that.  Therefore, leaving parents a sense of comfort while he leaves for college.

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