-A football term; refers to beginning of every offensive or defensive drive.


In football and life in general, we can’t dictate where the refs will spot the ball, or when success and failure will occur. However, we continue to move forward, regardless of the circumstances. In football, it is the Offense’s job to respond by creating success wherever the ball is spotted.  As God may have it, we are placed in terrible spots throughout life.  He expects us to continue believing through faith, so we can become spiritually stronger, better, and thankful.

In football, as you see in the NFL and at collegiate level, predictability is anything but certain.  The randomness of life can at times create doubt and fear.  This is when you need God, Friends, Coaches, Parents, or anyone that can help you M.O.V.E.:

Motivate. Overcome. Visualize. Empower.

A person’s perspective has the ability to make great changes.  With the willingness to have an open heart to Christ, perspective can provide the knowledge needed to help you conquer your fears, help you understand you purpose, and how to encourage and help others.  My purpose is to help athletes transition from youth to adulthood.  I’ve been blessed to use football as tool to teach about Christ, Character, Confidence, and Circumstance.

God gives everyone a gift

1 Corinthians 12:4-7 There are different spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, and yet the same Lord is served. There are different types of work to do, but the same God produces every gift in every person.The evidence of the Spirit’s presence is given to each person for the common good of everyone.

Football is God’s gift to me. Although my opportunity to play the game has passed (as it does for all athletes), the gift of football now extends far beyond pigskins & Turf.

Through Football, God allows me to

> Give great effort regardless of the outcome.

> learn and recover from the lessons of success & failure.

> Achieve personal goals and reach milestones through team success.

God used Football to help me become a better Christian, Teacher, Father, and Husband.

As life changes, so does the game.

Change is new beginnings.

Start of Drive is where Football & Life Begin.


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